Why Us?

Our goal is to quickly discover if we are the correct group to be discussing the sale of your business with in order to protect the valuable time of all parties involved.

There are plenty of potential buyers – What makes the team at Center Element Capital the right fit for you?


Trained in the best leadership schools the nation has to offer with a strong advisor team that has led small and large businesses, the leadership team at Center Element Capital is uniquely qualified to operate a small to medium sized business.

We have seen what poor leadership can do to an organization and also have seen how a strong vision and leadership team can guide groups of people to success not previously thought possible.

Built in Succession Planning

Our team is looking to operate your business from day one. We will not expect lengthy earn out clauses. While we will be happy to learn everything possible from you, we will be providing you the freedom to enjoy your well earned retirement or the capital to start your next venture immediately.

We will do this while still maintaining your employee base, upholding the commitment you have made to your team to provide a stable work environment.

People First Value Creation

Unlike traditional private equity we are not looking to use aggressive financial tactics to increase business value. We believe in a people first, true growth oriented process that requires investment and a dedication to quality and culture.

We believe that this is best achieved with the team in place and by building on the strong legacy you have already established.

Commitment to the Local Community

The Center Element Capital team is committed to our local community. We are looking to set in roots with our families and careers and plan to position your business as a community leader for years to come.

We understand the inherent opportunity risk of working with an independent search group like Center Element Capital. However, we fully believe our investors can provide fair market value for your organization while also protecting and expanding your legacy far into the future

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